Favourite Quotation

What is the new Birth then?... It is the revelation of Jesus Christ personally to you… Not you joined a church, you shook a hand… you promised to live by a code of rules. But Christ, the Bible, He is the Word that was revealed to you. And no matter what anybody says, what takes place… It's Christ in you. That is the revelation that the Church was built upon.

William Branham; Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed 1963

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Apoligetics never made a Christian for the cause.
A Christian must be born, to take up arms and fight in wars.
Philosophy and argument with intellect debating,
Is such a foreign concept, to the Word just not relating.

Where’re the mighty deeds of Justin, for all his pen could write,
We should pattern after Martin, be a hero in the fight.
Best and Bosworth argued, to prove themselves each right
But all of that was nothing in the presence of the Light.

Round and round the words can go, but all that will confound,
When inspiration strikes, is one sentence so profound.
Philosophers are silenced then, though the simple stand alone
But just like David all it takes is one inspired stone.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Don't go look for faults.
For there’s plenty you can find
There’s a Pillar of Fire in the camp
Don’t search for faults behind
This Message’s not a mess
Don’t be Balaam’s friend
If you view the Bride the way he did
You’ll also meet his end.

God looked down and saw His men
He saw the sacrifice and altar
If you keep your eyes on the cloud and fire
Your courage will never falter.
If you’re looking out through natural eyes
The things you see confound
When viewed the way the Word insists
You'll find God's work profound.


Our comfort that we get, comes from knowing we obey,
The entire counsel in the Lord, as we live from day to day.
Job’s comfort lay in knowing, he’d made daily sacrifice,
That all his sins were covered, for the lamb had paid the price.

Three Hebrew boys were comforted, as they waited to be burned,
Confident that they were right, for the idol they had spurned.
And when trials with great pressure come and press from every side,
Our comfort’s not imagined but a life that lives inside.

We’ve seen how it can be, with great men in times of old,
That in the face of all adversity, we can stand up strong and bold.
We can cope with crushing sorrow, we can hold on through great pain.
There’s only one requirement, you must be born again. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Proof Doesn't Come in Documentation

My books may be burnt and papers destroyed
Along with times reading I ever enjoyed.
But nothing can take the Life that’s inside
The Word not just read but a Man bled and died.

For anointed and quickened a birth will occur
And the Word living not read is the One I prefer.
For nothing else changed the death in my life
With embedded carnality, pride and strife.

Gnosis won’t do it but experience will
And though critics raise up my mind is still,
And though I have one quote while others have two
It’s a Life living inside that sees me through.

“Discern the spirits,” was Christ’s clear instruction
To avoid deception and certain destruction.
So that Still Small Voice is never replaced
By documentation that is so easily misplaced.

The proof doesn’t come in documentation
But signs and wonders and clear vindication.
The wise virgin didn’t have their papers prepared
But oil in their lamps with wicks trimmed and cleared.

"Come in and take a taste of the original manna, the kind that fell on the day of Pentecost, the Manna for the church, the Holy Ghost, the Armor, what we're fortified... Not with intellectual education, doctor's degree, but we are fortified with the baptism of the Holy Ghost to prove the Word of God is the truth."

William Branham. To Take On the Whole Armour of God. 62-0701

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Believe The Sign

I’ve seen the folly of history revision when the witnesses are already dead
A wrong motivation can easily change the things that have already been said.
Who then can tell which witness is true for some are happy to lie
So how can you now rejudge the event when the honest have already died.

We know that the media today as we know it is biased and misrepresents facts
And we also know that papers go missing to cover up unwanted facts.
The worlds whole agenda is to steer the masses by creating clever perceptions
Decoys and illusions that cover the truth with sometimes blatant deceptions.

People threatened or brought, bypassed or taught there is only one goal in mind,
Complete power and control is the ultimate aim of the beast that now quickly binds.
Religious, political and demon power moves quicker than ever before.
 For patiently she has set her noose; this church also known as the whore.

There’re just a few who have held back the tide, of this great, evil, black flood.
It is those who believe all of His Word and are washed in His precious Blood.
 They believe despite what some Jesuit says, now those who saw it are dead.
 They’ve always changed history, rewritten the facts, lied with everything said.

Yes they have witnesses, promoted and paid, seduced and told to keep silence,
And where they enjoy complete control they are quick to exercise violence.
While many now waver from the precepts of truth my heart can never be moved,
For regardless of history my life has been changed, and supernaturally proved.

I don’t serve a historical God and my faith is not based in the past.
Signs drew my attention to scriptural truths and an experience that always will last.
I have searched and can’t find a single teaching that can hold the world at bay.
I challenge you, just take one look, compare them to yesterday.

Show me Hebrews 13:8, He said He’d take many son’s to glory,
Son’s just like Himself and in His image, a Life, not some church story.
The same Seed that died and was buried rose, triumphant over death,
And will manifest That Life complete with this mortal breath.

Monday, November 28, 2011


How I’m looking forward to heaven and all the time that there will be
God’s family I can get to know and in return they me
I’m going to come and talk for years and get to know you well
You can tell your story then mine I’d like to tell
We’ll be real sisters then and brothers there’ll be no bar
I won’t have to stand back and listen from afar
Until then I must wait and pray the time is near
God will give us time on earth so I can get to know you here


Answers are required in all aspects of our life
Sometimes received with gladness sometimes received in strife
Stand up be accounted, with a strong convictions courage
Don’t let conflict get to you, or circumstance discourage
Great men in times gone by stood up as we admire
The Holy Ghost, It gave them strength, and conviction burned like fire
And as the torch is handed down, we find our turn has come
And when everything inside us fails, stand; don’t turn around and run

We have the answer, don’t be ashamed, resolutely sound it clear
When you’re confident you’re right, you’ll stand in spite of fear.
God forbid you compromise and around the question dodge
The Message is not your answer, to you it’s just a lodge

And another one I’ve seen, that makes my bile rise
Is to forbid the question, so appears no compromise
Dishonest to your self, the Word misrepresented
Will cause some to go astray and the Word to be resented

More and more I see this, people walking their own way
It’s seems the time has come when many fall away
Though they think they serve the Lord, they don’t live the Message straight
And increasingly I see, this falling’s truly great.